保罗·艾略特,课程负责人 电影制作 talks us through six great films that display the incredible potential of film to fuel your creativity.



米开朗基罗·安东尼奥尼的经典电影,背景设在摇摆不定的伦敦 炸毁 是一部艺术电影,反映了不断变化的英国. Jam-packed with coolness 和 style it is a great example of how cinema captures a moment in time. 它也有一个令人兴奋的情节和一个邪恶的扭转.

You will wonder at how great David Hemmings looks w和ering through London in the 1960s, 对Yardbirds乐队在繁忙的演出感到惊讶, dimly-lit club 和 gasp at a group of mime artists playing tennis in a park without a ball! 为什么? 毕竟那是20世纪60年代.     


“Michelangelo Antonioni's "Blow-Up" opened in America two months before I became a film critic, 它挥之不去的影响影响了我工作的第一年. 这是新兴的“电影一代”的开场,.——罗杰·艾伯特

学习的东西: 注意安东尼奥尼是如何抓住时代精神的. U2电竞体育今天要怎么做呢?



Francis Ford Coppola’s classic film starring Gene Hackman starts where 炸毁 离开的. The story of a surveillance expert who accidentally overhears what he thinks is a murder plot, 这部电影是对偏执狂和痴迷的研究. 这纯粹是20世纪70年代的新好莱坞.

This film was nominated for three Oscars 和 the central performance by Hackman made him an instant star. The real focus of this film however is sound: how it affects an audience, 它如何塑造一个故事, 以及如何利用它来制造紧张.

If ever you want to learn how to record sound 和 make it work for you watch 谈话.


“所以,这部电影的精彩之处在于? 一切. 作为一部惊悚片,它的稀疏性意味着它绝对不受人待见, 尽管智力如此之高. Humane, too; a strange combination, but a neat one.——Catherine Shroud

学习的东西: 声音的重要性! Many filmmakers stress the importance of recording good quality sound. 一定要集中注意力听你的演员在说什么.


五种不同类型的人站在一起. 它们的范围从运动型到另类.

约翰·休斯的电影,催生了一大批模仿电影 早餐俱乐部 是青春电影的原型吗. Kickstarting the careers of actors such as Molly Ringwald 和 Emilio Estevez this is study in character 和 emotion. 这部电影与那些觉得自己是局外人的人对话, anyone who has been in detention 和 anyone who has played air guitar along to Simple Minds’ Don’t You Forget 关于 Me. 

The three most important things in this film are character, character, 和 character. Based on a simple premise it is a great example of the screenwriter’s art. The 1980s will perhaps be seen as the decade of special effects; the decade of E.T.《U2电竞体育平台》特隆. 然而, 早餐俱乐部 proved it was also a decade where Hollywood concerned itself with heart 和 with character.  Who can forget those opening lines; “Dear Mr Vernon, we accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Saturday in detention for whatever it was we did wrong.”  


说它激进可能有些牵强,但在1985年 早餐俱乐部 dressed differently from all the other teen comedies flying down the chutes.——西蒙·克鲁克 

学习的东西: 剧本的重要性. 这部电影以有限的场景和五个主要角色创造了历史.



猜火车 burst onto cinema screens at a time when the British film industry was beginning to boom. 这不是丹尼·博伊尔的第一部电影,但可能是他最著名的一部. 这是一部集剪辑、配乐和表演于一体的杰作. 它也让埃文·麦格雷戈得到了公众的广泛关注.

猜火车 creates a surreal world that is at times exhilarating 和 frightening. Boyle uses colour, lighting, 和 special effects to create alternative states of consciousness. 这部电影是一部半科幻,半现实主义,半黑色喜剧的电影. 这一切,它有一个惊人的配乐. 2017年还有一部续集叫做 T2猜火车 但说得越少越好.


猜火车. 经典的苏格兰电影. By definition, a British picture, but at its beating heart it is truly a Scottish movie. The small film from the small country that became one of the most famous films of all time.——马克·卡诺坎

学习的东西: The importance of editing, especially when using pop 和 rock music on your soundtrack. Notice how Boyle matches the action on screen to the varying BPM of the music playing.


a man wearing a black shiny mask seems to be flying against some dark blue buildings

矩阵,加一点 《U2电竞体育》, 加入一些很棒的音乐, amazing dancing 和 two glamourous stars 和 you have the 2006 Bollywood hit Krrish. Some people have suggested that this film redefined the Bollywood epic. It was one of the first films from India to cross over 和 make it in the West. 这部电影也给普里扬卡·乔普拉带来了全球声誉.

The story is simple: a young boy with superhuman strength 和 speed falls in love with a beautiful city girl. After moving to the city to try to marry her he becomes a superhero called Krrish. 他得到那个女孩了吗? 他拯救世界了吗? Does he meet the ET like alien that briefly abducted his father 和 gave him superpowers? 观看并找出答案!


带着巨大的期待,这部《U2电竞体育》的续集... MIL GAYA被吹捧为赢得6到60岁孩子的心. 最重要的是,KRRISH有望改写票房历史.——塔兰·阿达拉什

学习的东西: 电影从一个文化到另一个文化,重新利用和循环利用图像和思想. If you want to see something interesting 和 exciting, look outside of Hollywood 和 Europe.


两个男人沿着路走着,边走边谈. 两人都拿着手提箱或行李类的行李.

旧的快乐 is a little like sitting in a warm bath: relaxing, slow, 和 peaceful. The story of two friends on a camping trip it was the first major film by Kelly Reichardt who went on to direct the critically acclaimed 晚上行动某些女性.  

旧的快乐 这是关于友谊和叙述节奏的研究吗.  It is study in subtle screenwriting 和 was regarded as being a fine example of slow cinema. 与电影相反 Krrish,老快乐 gives you time to think, to contemplate 和 to fully underst和 the characters. 没有歌曲,也没有舞蹈!


“就像一个伟大的爵士音乐家, 瑞查特明白这一点, well-placed note can resonate more profoundly than playing a splashy cascade of noise just because you can. "旧的快乐" resounds with sustained images 和 sounds that are given the time 和 space to reverberate -- fitting for a movie that begins with the chirp of a bird perched on a gutter 和 the chime of a meditation gong.——罗杰·艾伯特  

学习的东西: 方向并不总是与行动有关. 它还需要考虑情感、节奏、角色和脚本.

We hope you enjoy these amazing works of film 和 let us know what you think of them when you come here in September! 保罗·艾略特博士 热爱英国电影, television 和 the avant-garde 和 teaches across a variety of modules at the university. 如果你有任何问题 电影制作 在伍斯特你可以通过电子邮件联系保罗 p.elliott@worc.ac.uk