U2电竞体育的 Graduates go on to pursue exciting 和 diverse careers which span a vast variety of employment sectors, 国家及个别期货.


U2电竞体育知道, 不管你选择的职业是什么, future employers will want evidence of your expertise 和 the individual personal qualities which make you the best c和idate. U2电竞体育课程 相关, based on current research 和 our assessments are designed to hone your practical 和 transferable skills where possible. 感谢U2电竞体育与当地雇主的密切联系, U2电竞体育能够提供一系列的工作经验, 志愿服务, extra extra-curricular activities 和 internship opportunities.

Just a few of our recent graduate careers include: Performance Analysis for a 英国残疾人阵容, enhancing global education 和 teacher training in India, 护理教学. U2电竞体育的 employment statistics speak for themselves with 94.6% of Worcester graduates are in work or further study 15 months after graduating (Graduate Outcomes Survey 2020).

We are also in the top 10 for ‘Sustained employment with or without further study’ in the most recent Longitudinal Educational Outcomes data, 它着眼于1年的就业率(第9位), 毕业后3年(第9年)和5年(第8年).


U2电竞体育的 职业和就业能力服务 are based in the Peirson 研究 和 Guidance Centre.  的y offer in-depth support to current students 和 graduates including leavers toolkits, 职业规划课程, 简历和求职信建议和申请指南.

我职业 服务是所有职业的在线主页 & 就业能力相关,并允许学生, 让教职员及毕业生预约, 参加活动, 工作坊及就业展览, search for jobs 和 unlock different levels of the 伍斯特奖.

In order to help you determine the best learning environment for you, the 职业和就业能力服务 提供免费的 心理测试 to determine your learning styles, your career interests 和 your readiness to enter employment. 他们可以帮助你获得相关的经验, practice aptitude tests 和 maximise your potential for future employers.

Many students have opportunities to take placements or work project modules as part of their degree which further equips you for post-graduate employment. 针对商学院学生, this might include a paid placement year in an area relevant to your future career goals. 



At Worcester, we want you to develop personally 和 socially alongside your studies. 的re are many opportunities to do this listed throughout our 加强你的学位页面. 这包括U2电竞体育 伍斯特奖 计划, which allows you to record the extra activities you engage with to acquire an extra award alongside your degree as well as the 体育俱乐部及社团 在学生会, specially chosen placement opportunities relative to your chosen degree 和 so much more!