The U2电竞体育平台 图书馆服务 are an innovative 和 high-quality service, achieving student satisfaction scores of above 90% 和 holding a Customer Service Excellence accreditation. 他们是一支技术过硬的队伍, collaborative ethos 和 work closely with users to achieve academic success.



图书馆服务 are committed to making a significant contribution to student success 和 academic scholarship, equipping university members 和 the wider community for lifelong learning through excellent 和 accessible services, 设施, 资源, 教学和建议.

图书馆服务 operates out of 蜂巢, 一个突破性的, fully integrated academic 和 public library, run in partnership with Worcestershire County Council, which provides services to all members of the University 和 community.

For more information about 图书馆服务, information on 资源 和 to use our "Ask a Librarian" service please visit the 图书馆服务网站.


To find out more about volunteering opportunities at the 蜂巢 请参阅U2电竞体育的专家网页.